Princeton Digital Image Corp. v. Ubisoft Entertainment SA, et al. (Opinion December 11, 2018)

We have previously written about a damages opinion having been excluded for relying on a jury verdict from an unrelated matter. Another recent effort to use a jury verdict has also been excluded in this opinion from Judge Burke in the District of Delaware.

In the opinion, Judge Burke observes that some may reasonably conclude that courts appear to have established jury-verdict reliance as per se unreliable:

In contrast to this view, however, Judge Burke suggests no such blanket rule should be presupposed to exist:

Judge Burke goes on to describe in a footnote a scenario where a jury verdict might prove relevant for damages:

It appears clear to us that the lesson remains to exercise extreme caution when entertaining use of a jury verdict in damages analysis. While the unique facts of a case may support such reliance, those occasions will likely prove exceedingly rare.