A2C Year In Review – 2018

A2C has been busy with client matters for several months. As anyone functioning in commercial litigation knows, work can be “dead,” “slow,” “busy” or “insane.”

We’ve been “insane.” As soon as the meter moves back toward “busy” or below, we will become regularly active here again. Promise.

In the meantime, when we started this project, we had no idea what interest others might have in its content. None. Zip. Zero. We would ask ourselves, “Does anyone really care about damages?” The motivation was to make available more broadly commentary that heretofore had been distributed privately through email. The larger goal is to develop an online clearinghouse for damages-related analysis.

What have we learned about interest in our first year? We are going to share the numbers. We posted 42 entries in 2018. The generic data-tracker attached to the website indicates that the blog enjoyed 1,211 visitors, who registered 2,195 views. (To answer a privacy concern, “No, we do not possess any personal information about anyone who visits.”) Does that constitute “a lot” of traffic? For a hyper-niche blog? We will let others decide, but we confess that it is more than we would have guessed back when we launched. So, we are happy with that.

The most surprising thing we’ve learned since launch is the international interest in the blog. We never foresaw interest beyond the United States. But such interest exists, and below is the available information we possess about the location of visitors to the blog.

May your practice (and ours…) prove “busy” in 2019!